Are you looking for a platform that allows you to find customers faster, easier and without any additional fees? Well.Do meets your criteria.

Whether you are a company or a freelancer, there are only a few steps to follow topartner up with Well.Do. It’s easier than you might think. You just need to:

Fill in the application form and
request a call from one of our

Schedule an interview

Download the app,register, and
start working.


Get More Customers

Well.Do presents your services to a large and ever evolving audience thus increasing the number of your clients.

Have an additional Source of

With bigger coverage, more customers, and ease of operations, your profits are bound to increase.

Connect with Clients Easier

With Well.Do you don’t have to look for clients anymore – they will look for you, they will find you, and they will hire you.

Work Any Time You Want

With Well.Do you can organize your own time. Just turn on your online button and work whenever you want.

Enjoy Simple Clients

As soon as you join the Well.Do team, you’ll only need to unlock your smartphone, open the app, accept the order and proceed to your job. It’s that simple!

Choose Customers Near You

You don’t have to drive for hours to get to your client. Due to our location detector you can choose from orders that are close to you.

Receive Orders Consistently

Well.Do lets you concentrate on what you do best your job. And we shall concentrate on get- ting you more clients.

Be Your Own Boss

Well.Dogives you space to work by yourself. No one sets deadlines or passes orders that take hours to get to – you are the main decision maker.



Sign into your account


View available orders


Choose the one you  prefer (based on Loca-


Accept the order


The contact information of the customer will
pop up on your screen


Grab your equipment and rush to your client


Happy cooperation

Fields We Cover

Plumbing Services

Electraical Services

Drive me home

Car Wash

Make Up


Home appliance


More Coming Soon...

Join Our Team of Experts


1. Do I need to pay to become a partner?
No, Well.Do does NOT charge any registration fees. You pay only when you earn via the app.

2. How do we share the profit?
Well.Do works with 85/15 ratio. 85% of your earnings is yours and the 15% stays to Well.Do.

3. Does Well.Do have fixed working hours?
Well.Do doesn’t have fixed hours, nor does it require you to work for a certain amount of time. With online and offline buttons, you can simply indicate your availability.


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