Who We Are

As a service provider, you will have more control over your work management and access to a larger
audience, and as a customer, you can order the expert services you need twice faster.

At Well.Do, we believe that with the collaborative effort of the winners, we can assure higher quality for customers. We wanted to create a shared platform where the best service providers can meet their new clients, and the latter can receive excellent services. With this idea in mind, we spared no effort to turn Well.Do into reality and a profitable solution for service providers across various industries and for clients with diverse service demands.

Our Mission

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Our mission at Well.Do is to make the process of providing services and ordering them simpler. As a result of Well.Do’s operations, we ensure ease of customer experience for both parties. Happy clients means happy business owners. And that’s what our application is all about.

Our Team

We created Well.Do with the intention in mind to help people access the services they need faster. For that to be accomplished, we gathered a team of passionate and hard-working enthusiasts to build this app. And now we are working with only the most qualified experts of their fields to properly serve the purpose of this project.

We believe in teamwork and that great things in business aren’t achieved by mere individuals, but have a team of hard workers standing behind it.


1. Do I need to pay to become a partner?
No, Well.Do does NOT charge any registration fees. You pay only when you earn via the app.

2. How do we share the profit?
Well.Do works with 85/15 ratio. 85% of your earnings is yours and the 15% stays to Well.Do.

3. Does Well.Do have fixed working hours?
Well.Do doesn’t have fixed hours, nor does it require you to work for a certain amount of time. With online and offline buttons, you can simply indicate your availability.




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